Feb. 21, 2014

100 Women Who Care is proof that there is strength in numbers. It’s difficult to make an impact individually but as a collective group of  women we can have a significant impact on our community. We have the opportunity to learn about some smaller local charities and those unsung heroes that are working so hard to make a change in our community. I was so proud to present the charity Helping Families Handle Cancer Foundation and so ecstatic when they were announced as the charity selected for the group donation. Helping Families Handle Cancer provides financial assistance to those families dealing with cancer, so that families can put their energy into caring for their child instead of struggling to pay bills and everyday living expenses. An amazing cause that is close to my heart. This charity is proof that one woman can make a difference, but 100 Women can exponentially increase the impact!

– Emily Wignes,  Member of 100 Women Who Care Calgary

Feb. 5th, 2014

“I just want to say thank you very much to you all for letting me come out last night to speak to your members and for letting me stay and see how your meetings are setup.

You have an incredible group of women and you are all amazing leaders.  I know you will all make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of Calgarians.  Thanks again for nominating our Hera Program and for choosing to support our girls.

I hope we will see you and your members at some of our events throughout the year and I look forward to seeing you all in the future.

 Andy Tse

Manager of Fund Development
Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

NOV. 6, 2013

“Something amazing happened Monday night. I attended the inaugural meeting of 100 Women Who Care – Calgary. You can read more about the whole concept…but long story short, my name was called at random and based on my brief but heartfelt pitch for my nominated charity, dozens of wonderful women voted to support the Hera Program of the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary. The program provides education and other programming for adolescent girls at risk of being sexually exploited. There’s power in numbers…so if you have $400 and 4 hours to commit over the next year please consider joining the group. We’re well on our way to surpassing 100!”

-Jana Masters, Member of 100 Women Who Care Calgary

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