How do Calgary charities get in the running?

Simple!  Get women to sign up to be members of 100 Women Who Care Calgary!

Members only may nominate a local charity

– That member speaks for the charity

– The charity that is selected to receive our group’s donation will be invited to speak at our next meeting about how the money was used.

Each member of 100 Women Who Care Calgary is allowed to nominate one local charity of their choosing for any given meeting.  The charity must serve Calgary and area populations and must be a registered charity / cause, in good standing with the CRA (able to issue tax receipts to members) in order to be eligible for consideration.  The member must submit her completed nomination form at least 7 days prior to the event in order to have it vetted as eligible and  added to the “hat” from which we randomly draw three names at each meeting.

We know from other jurisdictions that there is a benefit to all three charity’s considered at each meeting, because of the exposure each one gains from this opportunity.  These charities may expect to gain some volunteers and/or donations from people who simply did not know about them before!  Remember, many of our members are joining so that they can learn more about our local charities.  This is a great way to do it!

The charity that is selected to receive our group’s donation will be invited to the next meeting to give a 5 minute speech on how our donation was spent and the impact that was made.

What about National and International Causes?

We care deeply about many national and international causes, but our focus is here in Calgary.  Did you know that Calgary has over 2000 registered charities working hard for us every day?  Well, we can only help 4 of these per year, so that’s what we are going to do.  IF we were to consider supporting a National organization, it would only be under the agreement that our funds would stay here in Calgary.