Nominate a Charity

Our meetings are always inspiring because of the power of women using their voice to support a charity they care about. You can bring awareness to local causes which in turn helps them raise more funds, gain new volunteers and helps do more good in our community.

Contact us at info@100womencalgary for the nomination form. ONLY MEMBERS WHO HAVE ATTENDED AT LEAST ONE PRIOR MEETING MAY NOMINATE A CHARITY.

Nominations MUST be submitted at least  1 week prior to each meeting.  This form is required to ensure that all charities considered at meetings are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency,  support local initiatives and will be able to issue our members tax receipts.


Do I have to nominate a charity to join a meeting? Nominations are optional! Members who have attended at least one meeting previously can submit a registered local charity to be in the running for our group donation.

How do I nominate an organization? The deadline is one week before each meeting. If you have previously submitted a nomination, just let us know that you want to resubmit your nomination and you’re in! Contact us for the nomination form at

Can a charity be nominated more than once for a meeting? Yes! Three nominations are drawn at random at each meeting. The person who is drawn must speak for the nomination.

Charities who want to know more, read here.